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Advert requires a juggler to juggle expensive aftershave

This is a little out of date now as I filmed it over a year ago, but it was only released while I was in South America so I didn't get much of a chance to share it and bask in its glory.

I was approached by Stephen Humphries of Treetopost.com. He had masterminded a film concept for Dolce & Gabbana’s Anthology fragrance, each of their fragrances used the name of a Tarot card one of which was Le Bateleur.

I went for a preliminary meeting in London and had a chat to get a feel for the project and I was sent some sample blocks that were the shape and weight of the bottles to see what I could come up with.

The actual filming day was in a studio in Hackney, my call time was 6.30am and I was straight into hair and make-up (they obviously knew what would take the most work). I had a quick trim and some pretty intense product in my hair but I really liked it the way they put it, if I was braver or more high fashion I would happily wear it like this again.

I was dressed in various amazing suits and outfits, all the while wondering to myself whether I would get to keep the clothes (I didn't). Apparently the shoes I was wearing cost around £600. The majority of my face was covered with make up because they said my face was too beautiful as it was so they needed to bring me down a peg or three.

I think I was there all in all from 6.30am - 10pm, that was pretty much non-stop filming with very little breaks, and the team carried on the next day to get the rest of the shots where I wasn't needed. It was a crazy eye opener into the amount of effort that must go into any of these productions.

The team were really supportive throughout the day. Whilst attempting to juggle 6 bottles we had a brilliant moment where it was being filmed in super high definition slow mo and 2 of the bottles smashed in mid air. I wish I had kept my cool and just stood there whilst glass sprayed everywhere but unfortunately I flinched and cowered so I suppose it wouldn't have ran with the theme of the advert if they had included it. I would still love to see it though.

Thanks so much to the team that made such a great project and chose to have me involved.

Stephen Humphries - Writer/Co Director Dan Smith - Photographer/Co Director Nik Voigt - Director of Photography Nathalie Francis - Fashion Director Bjørn Krischker - Hair & Makeup

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