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Circus Performers at my wedding

Back in April, I was lucky enough to marry Mrs Jet (Wintermei). I've gone into a little bit more detail about the wedding over on Bigtopmania in this article. So I won't go into too much detail on here. Instead with this short article i'd like to promote the idea of circus performers for wedding entertainment as I have done in a previous post. I'd also like to take this chance to share some of the lovely photography I received from our photographer Michael Wells who captured all the moments of our day spectacularly.

So why book circus performers for your wedding entertainment?

Well it may be a slightly favourable audience and ever so slightly biased but when I took to the stage with my performance partner Moses, at my wedding, the crowd seemed to love it, everyone was watching and they were a super friendly audience. performing at your own wedding is to be advised, even if it wasn't the strongest of performances.

But in truth, every wedding I have ever had the pleasure to perform at has been a really wonderful experience, the crowd are often excited to see a slight change of pace from the speeches, or have a break from the dances or photos. It gives you a good focal point distraction to take a breather and take in the day. Keep kids and big kids equally enthralled. At my wedding we used a selection of circus performer guests to put on a short and sweet circus show which was a lovely opportunity to show some of the more distant family what we do.

High energy circus performers

Hat Juggling Circus performers

Trapeze Artist Nadine

UK Jugglers Lucas Jet and Moses

circus performers for wedding entertainment

UK Circus Performers

Wedding Entertainers

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