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Every Teacher Needs This To Accelerate Their Circus Topic Planning

Exciting news from me, is that I'm planning to build a whole resource dedicated to helping teachers with their circus topic planning. I want to give teachers that have booked me an extensive library of resources ready to download on booking. I can't wait to get started and provide all the hardworking teachers with some added value on top of the primary school circus workshops which is what I'm here to talk about today.

Calling all Bristol primary schools, I'm on your doorstep, lets keep it local. Bristol is a circus city and we need to keep inspiring the next generation. Today I'm describing the fantastic circus topic launch day I did in collaboration with Ashton Vale Primary school in Bristol.

Here's what headteacher Mr Hollis had to say...

''Our Year 3s thoroughly enjoyed their day of circus activities. We discovered some hidden talents and the children were challenged to be adventurous and try new things. They had to show plenty of perseverance to develop their skills. The end of day performance by Lucas and the Year 3s was awesome.''


Also to bring this post into 2019. I was rebooked at Ashton Vale and we did the same amazing circus day. Creating more magical memories for children and inspiring confidence from within whilst nurturing a growth mindset. If you are studying circus as a topic in primary school. You should read on to find out how this school benefited from a circus workshop visit from us.


This is more than just a primary school circus workshop. This will inspire your circus topic planning and bring the subject to life in front of your eyes.

The Year 3s at Ashton Vale have been studying the magical book of Leon and the Space Between. So instead of booking a school trip they thought what better way to provide inspiration for our circus topic planning, lets bring the circus to them! Here's an extract from their website.

circus workshops for schools

Ashton Vale wanted to really treat their pupils to a 'sooped up' version of my school circus days and the results were evident. The big difference from a planning point of view was that I was only working with one class, where as I would usually have short sessions with lots of classes. The positive of this was it mean't that the pupils enjoyed a lot more teaching time than is usually possible. Adding to this I was able to bring in a Trapeze rig and give the children quick turns hanging from the Trapeze, from some of their skills I think they are probably already trapeze artists in the playground.

The day started with a circus show from me for just the Year 3 class. A sample of which can be seen here.

We then spent about 2.5 hours throughout the day learning different circus skills. Some of the children were instantly masters of balancing a peacock feather but then it transpired that they could also hold handstands to rival mine.

Growth Mindset at the ready...

As well as Trapeze lessons the children also challenged themselves to learn unicycling. Throwing themselves fearlessly across the halls and learning just how much perseverance that it takes to learn these skills. A great way to in still the growth mindset principal that is such a buzzword in schools.

During lunch I made some balloon hats and the children picked out circus hats to wear. We then started thinking about different things we might like to perform in the afternoon show where the rest of the school and the parents had been invited to watch.

All the children did fantastically to have so little time to rehearse and then show off their skills in front of all those people. Myself and the teachers were very impressed and i'm sure there was lots of proud parents.

My all time favourite circus in schools moment...

The show also gave me possibly my all time favourite on stage moment with a child. I had challenged Alexander (handstand boy) to try and copy my handstand push up move at the end of my hat routine where I pick up the hat with my mouth whilst in a handstand). He tried it in the rehearsal and banged his head and we were hesitant whether we should try it in front of everyone, but he said yes, yes I'll do it. I offered to hold his legs whilst he did it but he insisted he had practiced. He walked on stage in front of maybe 300 people did the handstand picked it up with his mouth and then flicked it up one full flip and caught it on his head! It was magical, I wish I had filmed it. So epic.

Thanks for having me Ashton Vale. A tip top circus day! Here's what class teacher Ms Hutton has to say...

''You were described by parents and staff as inspirational to children of all abilities. Each child was engaged and encouraged throughout the whole day. The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and we look forward to having you back. 2 different parents described it as the best things the school has ever had.''

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