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Circus Skills in Schools & Big Top Circus Shows for Schools. Circus workshop for primary schools in Bristol

Having graduated from UWE Bristol, living full-time in Bristol and with a partner who teaches in Bristol, Lucas Jet and UK Juggler has a vested interest in teaching circus skills workshops in Bristol schools.


We create excitement from the start of the day with circus music as the children shuffle in to the hall.

An assembly circus show from Lucas Jet or indeed a full circus show from various artistes in our team. We can provide clowns, aerialists, hula hoopers, cyr wheel artists, acrobats. But all our artists are multi-talented so the children can clearly see the practice thats gone into our careers. 


Scroll down to see a typical format of the day.

Prices for Bristol schools and local area

Schools in the south east and the midlands book a lot more circus skills days with myself. I live in and around Bristol and would love to work more with local schools to reduce the amount of time I spend travelling. 

For a typical circus wow day from Lucas Jet this would give you a final price of £375

Circus workshops for schools
A typical circus workshop in school curriculum wow day!

This is a format for a 2 form entry school with a year group specific circus day, rather than whole school. 


9-9.30: 25 minute school assembly circus show including; hat juggling, ball juggling, cigar boxes and unicycling with lots of audience participation. 


9.30-10.20: Session 1 with Class 1 - Peacock Feather balancing, Plate Spinning and an introduction to juggling. 

10.20-11: Session 1 with Class 2 - Same as above. 


The second session for each class would give them a chance to try Flower sticks, Diabolos, Hula Hooping, Pedal goes, and maybe even walk on a tightrope!


In the afternoon, the parents are invited to watch a show ringmastered by Lucas Jet or possibly a confident pupil that is willing to take on the role. All the children are involved in one way or another and everyone goes home having had their moment in the spotlight. 


Circus Skills Workshop Supplier in Bristol
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