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Circus workshops for schools, do you

need inspiration for your circus topic planning?

circus skills workshops for primary schools with Lucas Jet

You need

Lucas Jet

Live Inspiration for your pupils

Circus skills workshops for schools are our speciality, booked now more than ever because of the popularity of the circus topic within primary schools.

What better way to kick off your topic than with an inspirational live circus show in your assembly!

Not to toot my own horn, I know our circus days are the bee's knees but don't take my word for it...



'the best assembly you'll ever have' 

School Circus Show
circus skills workshop providers for primary schools UK


“So glad I booked Lucas for our Arts Week! You’ve been great to coordinate plans with and extremely accommodating with everything I’ve asked! Your workshops were perfect for the ages of the children and you and Johnny were an absolute delight in your show finale!


Not sure where you find your energy from! The time and patience you have with every child is heartwarming! The children adored your visit and the added extras of performing when the children walked into school in the morning will have made long lasting happy memories. Thank you Lucas and Johnny! You made our Arts Week extra special and just perfect!.” 


—  Jo Kinch, Watchfield Primary School.

unicyclist for events in UK

What happens in a Lucas Jet School Day?


I always arrive at 8am in order to have time to set everything up and have time to warm up. I carry quite a lot of equipment so if you can get my car as close as possible to the hall that's always appreciated.

circus skills workshop school london

A DBS will always be carried with Lucas Jet when working in schools. 


Straight after morning register is usually when we do a whole school assembly show. This is a great scene setter for the day. After they see the show, the pupils will be completely inspired and super focussed for the rest of the day. 

Greatest showman circus performance school

A DBS will always be carried with Lucas Jet when working in schools. 


From here, the timetable is quite flexible. I tend to advise 45 minute long workshop sessions with each year group, the ideal group sizes to work with is no more than 35 pupils. Though if I know in advance and you have the space I can work with 2 classes at once if necessary.

circus skills workshop providers for primary schools

A DBS will always be carried with Lucas Jet when working in schools. 

Workshop content

Again this is flexible depending on how many sessions we are trying to fit in. In general my circus skills sessions include; peacock feather balancing, plate spinning, flower sticks, diabolo, juggling. 

Workshops are adapted for the different year groups.

primary schools circus skills workshop provider

A DBS will always be carried with Lucas Jet when working in schools. 

How can a circus performer help a primary school teacher

with their circus topic planning?


I'm 4 x British Unicycle Champion and present live skills that a lot of children just won't have seen in real life. It's powerful stuff. 

Place Between

A fantastic book that I am often asked to bring to life through my magical circus performance. Let's give the pupils something to write about.


Every school has the pupils that struggle to engage with learning or mainstream sport. Circus workshops can often be a breakthrough for many pupils as it uses a different part of the brain.

How much does a circus skills day cost for my school?

lucas jet circus for schools

Lucas Jet Solo

A circus show & full day of school circus workshops 

For most schools this is the perfect option. A thrilling circus show and circus workshops for all year groups. All of the prices include my backdrop and ring mat which really sets up a magical transformation of your school hall. 



circus skills performers school assembly

Lucas & Jony

A circus show & full day of school circus workshops

For slightly larger schools or an extra special treat you might want to put on a mega show. Some of the showstopping stunts that I can do with Jony just aren't possible solo. It also means we can run two sessions simultaneously. 



book a circus to visit primary school

2 days of Lucas

Same as others but for 2 days. 

I'm often booked to stay for multiple days, this might be because you only have one hall and not all pupils can watch the show at once. Therefore 2 days is useful to give everyone adequate time to enjoy the sessions.



Bring a book to life for your pupils - World Book Day

A primary school in Northamptonshire asked me to help them bring Leon and The Place Between to life for World Book Day 2019 and you can watch the stunning result below. I also wrote a blog post detailing the amazing levels that the school went to so you can check that out as inspiration for your next world book day. 

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