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What we do. 

We specialise in providing high level circus entertainment to a range of event sectors, including but not limited to; circus performers for corporate events, jugglers for party entertainment and bespoke private tented circus shows available to hire for your event. 

How can we help you?  

Do you need fantastic circus performers for your university ball? Or perhaps you wish to dazzle your employees with a staff away day. Want to add a unique touch to your wonderful wedding day. UK Juggler curates and provides unique circus entertainers at an affordable price. Speak directly to circus performer Lucas and he will find a way to add to your event.

No special effects, very little make up. 

Live entertainment is best enjoyed...live! 

Walkabout Entertainment & mingling circus performers

This video is Halloween themed but is adaptable to any theme.

Unicycling Finale

Big visual finale for a large or a small audience. This is completely unique to me.

Ball Juggling routine

Perfect for cabarets or inbetween dinner courses


Retail market entertainment for new customers

A way to attract more customers to your shop for promotion of new products or a sale or just generate more brand awareness.

Cigar Boxes

Gentleman Juggler routine to clap along to. This is a rarely seen circus act which is sure to draw peoples attention.

Full Circus Show

Beautiful circus tents available to really take it up a notch. We work with a regular team of artists to put on a grand but intimate show.

Trick Cycling

A lovely walkabout act to give children rides on. This is a video demonstrating the tricks that are possible on this wonderfully wacky bike. 

A short video of wedding entertainment we can provide

This is only a short clip of some of the services provided to a wedding in Saltash. Full cabaret or atmospheric circus entertainment available as well as the circus workshop to entertain the children at your wedding.