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Be Bold with Bright Beautiful Big Tops

Our red and yellow circus tents, range from rectangular 6x12m garden marquees, right up to 5 pole 12mx30m Big Tops capable of accommodating adults dancing their socks off. Have a quick browse of the pictures in the gallery below, then scroll down for information on all our different red and yellow tents available to you.

Big Big Tops & Baby Big Tops Below

1 Pole Red & Yellow

A 12m diameter round marquee, it is a great size for garden parties and can hold a brilliant atmosphere, big enough for a bar, dance floor, DJ and some seating. 

Capacities vary but along the lines of 200 standing in gig audience mode, or 100-120 seated at tables. 

Red & Yellow or Window Walls available.

2 Pole Red & Yellow

A great size marquee for intimate weddings. You've now got the potential to have dance floor plus substantial number of people seated at tables, or a proper gig style venue. 330 people standing or 140-170 seated at tables. 

Measurements are 12m by 17.5m long - oval shape.

3 Pole Red & Yellow

​A 12m x 23m oval marquee, probably our most popular size for weddings.  

Capacities vary but along the lines of 440 standing in gig audience mode, or 200 seated at tables. But those capacities don't take into account space for bar, dance floor, serving tables etc

Red & Yellow or Window Walls available.

4 pole, 5 pole and 6 pole

We have upto a 5 pole Red & Yellow marquee, this is ideal for university balls, large christmas functions and many more types of events. Capacities vary so its good to email us with your questions. 

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red and yellow

Other Big Tops

6 x 12 Garden Marquee

This 6 x 12m traditional marquee fits wonderfully into long thin city gardens. Giving enough space to still host a great shindig, it looks as good at a flower festival as it does as a real ale bar. A very versatile venue. 

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