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How can I ensure a memorable event for my guests? Supplier Spotlight - Bigtopmania

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Whether you are a seasoned event planner with years in the industry or you're just dipping your toes into putting on events for your company or perhaps planning a one off personal celebration. One thing we all have in common is a shared goal to produce a memorable event that's talked about for all the right reasons.

There's plenty to get your head round when planning an event with a never ending job list in the lead up to the big day. Preparation is key and working with reliable experienced suppliers will help you with this. Sometimes it's just about orchestrating all these suppliers and making sure they are all singing from the same hymn sheet.

This blog post will focus mainly on one of my favourite event suppliers and you will find out why...

Today I'm mostly going to be shouting about our family business Bigtopmania. Specialists in circus events of all kinds but expertly dabbling in the ever growing world of quirky weddings. Bigtopmania are a small business based across 2 bases in Devon and Bristol. I have been working for them all my life in some capacity.

Having grown my circus entertainment business in it's own right I have not taken on quite as much responsibility in the day to day business side of Bigtopmania but I do work relentlessly full-time for them in the summer as a team manager and have steadily been growing the list of enquiries I generate for big top bookings.

I also enjoy running festival children's areas at a variety of events over the summer and building our reputation as the go to supplier of bespoke children's area packages. No other providers can supply as much variety in terms of equipment in house from one place and we are constantly referred to as 'the favourite area' even at huge family festivals such as Camp Bestival.

Circus Parties that stand out from the crowd

This top picture is obviously from a pretty incredible children's party that I organised and used Bigtopmania's beautiful big top for, but circus is a timeless theme that is constantly chosen as the backdrop for 18th's and 21st's or even larger scale 50th birthday celebrations.

The theme is instant fun and you can encourage your guests to dress up if you wish which breaks the ice for any early party nerves when your usually formal uncle turns up dressed in a onesie as a victorian strongman.

You can even hire a trapeze rig from Bigtopmania allowing for all the thrills of a real circus amongst your guests. Customers often book circus acts from us as a feature point for the evening or it's quite common to just have ambient circus performers roaming the party and blending in forming part of the backdrop to make your event a vibrant and memorable one.

Greatest Showman Circus Parties Lucas Jet

21st Birthday Circus Theme

Oxford University Ball Circus Theme

Festival Venues - Marquee Hire for venues you don't need to decorate

I think festivals love using our big tops because they add so much colour to the event. The photo below is pinched from On The Road Festival near Braunton. We've been supplying big tops to them for the last 3 years. They are growing organically every year and celebrate grass routes music. They love our big tops because they provide large enough venues to pack in their crowds but not so big that they loose the intimate gig feel.

On The Road Music Festival Devon

This photo is from Glas-Denbury Music and Arts Festival also in Devon. A wonderful little event that puts as much emphasise on the arts as the music. We have been supplying their comedy tent for the last 5 years.

We've never made it to actually attend either of these events as we are always booked at other festivals that have booked us for so many years before these but we hear great things. Look past the big name festivals and find the little gems in your local area.

Wonderful Weddings - Big Top Hire in UK

Over the last 10/15 years happy couples have been taking a step back from the norm and stepping outside the box. Unusual is the new norm and people love to put their own stamp on their big day.

Our big tops have provided the colour to many a colourful couple and we love providing the entire package with help from local suppliers to make sure everything is to the couples taste. We often provide the big top, lighting, flooring, decorations, catering tent, dance floor but we often advise couples on hiring furniture separately for a wider choice.

Amazing Wedding Decorations for Outdoor Wedding

Festival Theme Wedding at Glastonbury

That's all for this blog post. Remember if you want a big top or circus performers for any occasion, if you want to make your event pop. Talk to Bigtopmania

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