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Circus workshops for schools!

Need inspiration for your circus topic planning?

Amazing Circus Show
acrobatic school circus show
4 x British Champion Unicyclist

Circus skills workshops for schools are a speciality here booked more than ever because of the popularity of the circus topic within primary schools. From conversations with teachers, i've heard that planning resources are scarce. What could be better inspiration than a live circus show in your assembly!

Teachers said.. 'In all my time here, that's the best assembly we've ever had.

'I'm speechless, I don't think I've ever enjoyed anything as much!'

We take pride in delighting the teachers as much as the children. The promo video on the right was shot during a rare sunny day where we took the opportunity to go outside. The full promo below is shot inside school halls as are most days.

School Circus Show
Independent Schools Circus Workshop Supp

Feedback for our circus skills for schools from teachers that have booked. 

Imagine your school parents being this impressed!

parent feedback for circus skills in sch

Dear Teachers, I know you're very busy and you don't have time for youtube. But...

This is the video where 2 different teachers say it's the 'best assembly ever' booked as a wow day to launch their primary school circus topic and help inspire the lesson planning

What would a larger scale circus show look like? 

Useful paperwork for booking circus workshops in schools

A DBS will always be carried with Lucas Jet when working in schools. 

How do I book a circus skills visit to my school? How much does it cost?

A school circus workshop day with Lucas Jet includes a morning assembly circus show and 6 x 40 minute circus workshop sessions. A lot depends on hall availability. So in general, one day is fine for a one form entry school. 2 form entry either requires 2 days or you have to select certain year groups to work with. 

The total fee for one day with Lucas is £300+Travel

Funding options
  • PTA Funded

  • Crowdfunded from parent donations

  • PE Funding

primary school circus workshop

Did you read how happy the parent was after seeing the children perform in the show for the parents? 

There is more detail below but for reference. The parent is referring to an end of day performance that we put on for the whole school and the invited parents. When working with just one year group or up to 60 children I can orchestrate a performance with the children at the centre of it throughout. Each child will get their moment in the spotlight. A fantastic way to build confidence, improve parent relations, create a lasting memory for the school. 

Primary School Circus Topic Planning Feedback
How can this circus workshops for schools supplier help with your primary school circus topic planning?

Circus has always been a popular topic for schools. An exciting subject which can be used to study many areas of the curriculum. We bring circus workshops & shows to inspire the children's interest in the topic. 


Many exciting books exist with beautiful images of circus artists under the big top to study literacy & art. 2 of my favourite are 'Leon and the Space between' and 'The girl who walked on air'.


The traditional circus soundtrack is an inspiring way to learn new music. 

Click here to find out what a Bristol school thought of it. 


Why not kick the topic off with a WOW day from us. It's a great way to get the children excited about circus and ultimately more focussed for the learning ahead. 

Aswell as the academic benefits its also a great chance to encourage children that aren't interested in mainstream sports or are perhaps spending too much time on the x-box at home. 

I don't need help with my circus topic planning, can I still book you?

It's not only applicable to schools that are going to study circus, a circus day at your school can be used as a reward day for a good ofsted result or a series of good results. 


We can work as a solo artist or if you have a larger school with 2 form entry, it might be more appropriate to work in teams and we have done this with a team of 4 artists. This allows slightly more teacher to pupil attention and also a larger scale show for the exciting assembly circus show. 


Your options

  • Assembly circus show for whole school

  • Circus workshop with structured tuition including but not limited to; peacock balancing, plate spinning, juggling, diabolo, flower sticks, tightrope walking, unicycling. 

  • Circus show with pupils performing for parents. 

  • After school club. If the school is local it may be viable to book for an after school club on a regular basis. 

Fund raiser? 

In collaberation with Bigtopmania, we can erect a beautiful circus big top on your school grounds, you can advertise in the local area, sell tickets and popcorn and raise significant funds for the school. 




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