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Bubbles make everyone happy

I was working at the Marylebone Summer Fayre, employed by The Third Space. They wanted some alternative and eye catching entertainment to attract new people and potential customers.

I handed out flyers on my unicycle and did tricks up and down the high street. In between times I had a little down time making bubbles to experiment with how popular they might be in a high street environment, I can tell you they were very popular. I had huge crowds of children running round popping bubbles and managed to sometimes pursuade them to try and let the bigger bubbles float and grow.

It was great fun and it attracted many photographers, one such was Simon Weir who is a professional photographer and he got some lovely shots that you can see throughout my site. He has some really nice projects and we have stuff in the pipeline to work together in the future. I think lots of the photographers enjoyed taking photos of something unusual and unpredictable.

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