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Welcome to the new and hopefully improved home of Lucas Jet

I think here is an appropriate area to explain my name change to my stage name Lucas Jet. I have always been known by my family name Lucas Wintercrane, and i'm very proud to be a Wintercrane, but it's not the most memorable of names.

So I acted on some advice of considering a name change and brain stormed a few ideas. I went through some really bad ideas which to me might have been a great name but on feedback apparently they weren't. So the working for Lucas Jet came from my middle name being Jethro. I'm not keen on the name and have kept it a close held secret most of my life but Jet has a bit more showbiz snap to it. Hopefully the children in the crowds will remember the name... Lucas Jet!

It's a fine name for now because I can live up to the name and perform with great speed and dexterity. Thinking long term, 20 years down the line it might seem like i'm ironically named. We shall see.

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