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Halloween themed entertainment at Dingles Heritage Fairground, Devon

In October half term I was booked for 8 days of circus entertainment at this wonderful little gem of a place thats hidden in the Devonshire countryside.

I have to admit to the sin of living near this place for a long time and never having visited, but I have already gone back and will be returning to work there again in February half term.

The hard working staff at Dingles take rides that are no longer able to deal with being dismantled and re assembled every few days and carted round the country. They restore them with fantastic art work and service them every winter to make sure it all runs like clockwork.

Walking into Dingles is like stepping back in time and you're dazzled by the hundreads of lights and clanging of the rides. Welcomed mostly by Roger who is front of house and has a friendly interaction with everyone that visits treating people like old friends rather than just customers.

There's a transport museum, an arcade, loads of sidestalls challenges and plenty of beautiful rides to enjoy for people of all ages.

You would think this would be enough but on top of that they also booked me! I was the self proclaimed Pumking for the week. I got a lovely suit from Opposuits and I looked sharper than the Grim Reaper's Axe! As you can see in this lovely photo taken by Phil Hudson

I provided varied entertainment which was mostly bubbles, trick cycling lifts for children riding them round the fairground, circus workshops and short little shows.

It also gave me a chance to meet 2 more lovely local performers Star & Abi who go under the name of Higher Beings they provided freaky stilt walking characters, a gargoyle! and spooky face painting.

I also got the chance to put a couple of little videos together which nicely illustrate what I got upto while I was there. This entertainment is just packaged to Halloween but the costume can easily be changed with the same entertainment to fit all different event types; Willy Wonka, Mad Hatter, Christmas, Game of Thrones parties, anything is possible and it will always add value to your event by investing in strong entertainment options.

Get in touch now to discuss your ideas and themes. Find out more about Dingles here

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