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A busy New Years Eve full of entertainment in Clifton

This year I was booked by 2 venues round the corner from each other in Clifton, Bristol. The close proximity made it a very comfortable evening and I was still able to drive across Bristol to make it to my friends for the countdown!

The first bit of circus entertainment I provided was some fire swinging and giraffe unicycling whilst drinking a cup of tea. The explanation for this is that it was at a Mad Hatter's Tea party at The Square Club, somewhere I've worked at a couple of times before. In order to step my game up a bit and hopefully create a costume I can use again and again. I looked into making a nice big hat. Instructables came to my rescue and after a couple of solid evenings prep work I had myself a nice looking costume. The rest of it was pulled together from charity shop purchases and a borrowed jacket from the Bigtopmania bottomless cupboard of costumes!

The second venue was Racks Bar & Kitchen who were holding a vintage glamour themed night. Well Glamour is my middle name darling so I barely had to dress up. Har te Har. The first set here was also fire swinging with the idea being that its queue entertainment as guests arrive so that when there is a hold up with getting inside the venue there is plenty to keep guests entertained.

I did 2 more sets at both venues with a mix of big bubbles and glow juggling. The big bubbles worked really well at the mad hatters as its a nice atmospheric contribution and they had a great terrace smoking area which was very suitable for it.

I was mostly providing mingling circus entertainment to add atmosphere to the events which is fun because there is less pressure and you can vibe with people a bit more casually than in a performance scenario.

I met some nice guests that were having a lovely time and my two bookers Stephanie and Julia were both most lovely and welcoming despite their busy schedules.

2014 has been a fun year so I hope 2015 can top it!

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