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Juggler to entertain clients at corporate event

I've been lucky enough to be approached by some great companies over the last couple of years. It has led me to work in Lagos, Nigeria where I performed for CMB Real Estate. Which you can read a full account of in this article.

More recently, in the last couple of months I've been booked by Screwfix for a flagship store opening in Ipswich. I was challenged to make my act DIY related so I did the natural thing and imported circular saw blades from America that are specially adapted to juggle with. I also spent a large portion of the day juggling hammers. Who needs a gym membership.

Its both interesting and encouraging to see the wide range of events that wish to hire circus performers and its a nice challenge when each gig is different.

Another name that I was quite proud of this year was when I was booked by Price Waterhouse Coopers for one of their internal trade shows. It was a fun day of interactive juggling demos to entertain their staff whilst simultaneously running a competition to win an Ipad. The winner being the person that could juggle stress balls for the longest. The winner was a herculian 22 minutes. Hats off to the chap.

As we move into the Christmas season I'm not yet sure what events lie in store, there is a possibilty of a repeat trip to Lagos, if their event goes ahead (fingers crossed) and various christmas events. But hopefully there's still room for plenty more corporate juggler bookings in the coming months.

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