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Jewish Purim Circus Entertainment

I was privileged to be booked for not one but two Purim celebrations in London this year. Having previously been booked by Blank Canvas Entertainment to provide circus shows to JFS School in Surrey, I was aware that I was in for a day with a great spirit of fun and laughter engrained in it.

My first performance was at Central Synagogue London and I had begun discussions with Raquel a few weeks earlier with the hope of putting on a large scale multi artist circus show. Unfortunately on this occasion the budget didn't quite allow for this but I wanted to bring as much of the circus experience to the job as possible.

As well as just a show I arrived early to set up traditional tiered seating and a ringmat with ring sides and circus signboards. This takes it up a notch from just being a show and hopefully transported some of the children in their heads to the feeling of being in a Big Top.

I also made sure my show was as diverse and involves as possible. I used maximum audience participation making the children the stars of the show and as I always do, made it as enjoyable for the adults as the children.

My other booking was a last minute show in North London. I provided a similar show to delight the onlookers of families from the local Jewish community.

Feedback from both of these gigs has been excellent and my business cards were flying out of my hands.

I very much look forward to performing at many more Jewish celebrations in the future.

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