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Wedding entertainment - circus performers and lots of fun!

On the 28th of August 2015 I initially got the enquiry from Sarah to perform at her forthcoming wedding on Thursday 28th August 2016. I was sat at Camp Bestival, one of our biggest set ups throughout the year. However we had made good time and were pretty much finished with the hard work with only finishing touches to go, so I put the proposal together thinking that its definitely possible.

entertainment big top for wedding

Fast forward a year and a fair few emails of thorough planning and we have ourselves a master plan. I'm all set up at Camp Bestival and I have a van full of kit ready to take to Sarah and Brian's wedding. Since the initial enquiry I've met Moses, who is now my juggling partner and we have a very nice duo performance which was an added bonus to be able to bring to the day. Its worth noting that this set up is the circus big top as an additional venue purely for entertainment so the internal set up was fairly minimal unlike when we are installing a big top to be used as a reception venue.

S & B had put their priority on creating a fun and playful day as they said there would be lots of kids. They weren't exaggerating! It must have been pretty much equal children to adults ratio which meant we were fantastically busy.

bubbles entertainment for children at weddings

We provided bubbles on top of the confetti as the bride and groom made their way out of the ceremony. On the lawn we erected a small circus big top and put up Slack lines, Crazy Bikes, Mega Balls and an interactive inflatable. The bubbles provided a gentle introduction to the onslaught of full on play that we were about to experience. Children were here, there and everywhere like a whole festival packed into 2 hours. It was amazing and just felt like wedding and the circus set up were perfectly matched.

We then had a short break whilst the guests enjoyed their wedding breakfast, we tidied some of the toys away and prepared for our finale circus show. Which is where the tent really came into play. The guests trickled into the tent, no doubt lethargic from the feast they had been eating. What better way to digest than to watch us performing our various feats.

The show went down really well with a finale of jumping over Bride and Groom on my unicycle. We then went straight into the first dance with a playlist selected by Sarah and Brian's children, think less Otis Redding more Gangnam Style but perfectly in tune with the beautiful atmosphere of the day.

wedding entertainment with a difference

Big ups and huge thanks to Sarah for initially booking me and then for everyone on the day for their kind words and enthusiasm to get involved. Definitely one of my favourite days work ever.

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