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Tradeshow juggler for London events and the UK and abroad, and outer space.

Hire a circus performer to engage new customers

Towards the end of September I was booked by an international brand as a circus performer to entertain and engage potential clients at restaurant live exhibition show at the Excel in London. A juggler to entice the crowds or give a conversational opening for the sales people and create a stand that has something different in the competitive nature of a tradeshow.

The product...

On this particular occasion the product I was promoting was the Ordermann Device, a handheld tableside ordering device for the hospitality industry. Designed to be robust enough to withstand the pressures of the restaurant industry. During the enquiry phase I was asked whether it was feasible to juggle the devices and also whether I would be able to drop them occasionally, this was definitely possible! This was the marketing angle for the booking because they wanted to show how robust the product was, so my job was to show off my juggling skills with their device and attract potential customers.

corporate circus performers

Giving extra to the client to provide a unique entertainment service.

Knowing that variety is the spice of life and that juggling phones throughout the day constantly might get a little bit stale, I offered the client the chance to brand up my cigar boxes with their logo and stand number. The cigar boxes are quite visual and attract more attention as they are less commonly seen than regular juggling. They offer a clear surface to put any logo and information on and is just another imaginative way to stand out from your other competitors.

cigar box juggler for hire

Why book a juggler for your next exhibition or trade-show

What we found throughout the day, was that even the slightest opportunity for engagement increased chances of conversation or curiosity from customers that would have otherwise walked past the stand. A common theme on this occasion was because people recognised that I was juggling an expensive technological device, they would say 'don't drop them!' which would lead me to say 'well actually I can drop them as they are designed to withstand...'. The person is then engaged and I can pass them onto one of the sales team. Much more chance of making a genuine connection to people and getting your information and brand message across.

london juggler for hire

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