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Circus Performer for Bar Mitzvah

I was booked as a surprise for Bar Mitzvah boy Joel, so there was an air of mystery as I quickly set up my assortment of props. I arrived before the celebrations had begun which meant I was lucky enough to witness the fantastic spirit of the event shown by everyone in attendance. So refreshing to see everyone dancing and enjoying themselves without feeling like their looking silly.

My involvement on this occasion was a 30 minute circus show which went off without a hitch! Gravity definitely lost on this occasion as it could not bring my props to the floor. Every routine throughout the show went really well including all relevant musical queues and improvised one liners on the mic. It certainly helped that they were a most wonderful audience. I came off stage bouncing with excitement and received lots of fantastic face to face feedback as well as this lovely email from Aviva who was the mother of Joel and organiser of the event.

This event has really inspired me to perform at more bar mitzvah's and I hope to have many more special performances over the coming years. Many thanks to all involved for this wonderful event.

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