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Street theatre circus entertainment for village event

Catchy title ay? Bet your sat on the edge of your seats wondering what this is going to be about. Well I'm sat here in Hong Kong where I am performing for the month of December. I'm gazing out from my 14th floor bedroom window looking up at the skyscrapers so of course I'm reminded of my wonderful time in the middle England village of Highworth back in September for the Highworth Festival.

This event came smack bang in the middle of a 4 gig weekend, that were all different circus events and all in different parts of the country. The event on the night before had ran very late and quite frankly I was running on empty, so I was glad that I was among friends. Booked by the wonderful Faldings Fandango's They have been friends of mine for a while without ever directly working for them so I was eager to impress.

Faldings Fandango's co-ordinate many events in the Swindon area and you can see the warmth in the audience when they take to the stage, the crowd treats them with familiarity as if watching their older brother doing his favourite impression. Metaphors; you can tell I've got time on my hands in a hotel room can't you. So back on track. I was also sharing a stage with a Camp Bestival favourite and fellow Bristolian Kid Carpet who single handedly created a rock concert in a quiet cotswolds village and we loved it. So many catchy tunes and an infectious energy. There was also some wonderful silly science by Collingwood's Contraptions who performed some wicked tricks with bubbles and electricity, a real different take on children's entertainment and super entertaining. There was actually more going on than I can mention here but one last special mention for the suitcase sound system which was a brilliant contraption that brought some funky tunes and as the name suggests was a beautiful piece of artwork to go with the tunes. There was even an appearance from the godfather of street theatre in Swindon, Robbo from Les Byclettes!

I was here to provide my street circus shows. I did just that and a little bit more. We had great fun with super friendly crowds. Getting up to all my usual antics in my circus performer way that I do.

There was ball juggling, some fancy club manipulation and juggling with hats, then there was some cigar boxes., lots of audience participation and unicycling and circus bike riding and lets face it if you've read the article this far in your either my mum or my girlfriend so you both know what happens in my shows. Take a look at the photos and keep an eye out for me in a village near you soon. Photo credit must go to Louis Lambourne and huge thanks to Falding's Fandangos for having me.

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Lucas Jet circus show

Lucas Jet Circus Performer

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