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Primary Schools Stunning Start - Circus Topic WOW day!

If you don't want to read all the chit chat about how amazing my primary school stunning starts for circus are then just scrolll to the bottom to read the most amazingly cute well written thank you letters. I can't decide on my favourite quote between 'you make the world shine bright' and 'I wish you a great marriage with Amy'. But onto that at the end.

Fresh from a month of performances in Hong Kong and a very chilly Chanukah performance in North London over the short christmas break and I was back at it. Invited back for the second year in a row to Filton Avenue Primary School in Bristol for their circus topic stunning start or WOW day whatever you prefer to call it.

The idea with the stunning start for primary schools is to get the children engaged in the topic that they will be studying this term. Luckily for me, here in the UK for the last couple of years schools have had circus on the curriculum so I've had the chance to visit a number of schools through out the year, both as stunning starts or wow days at the start of topic or as a reward for working hard throughout it.

On this occasion it was the first day back after Christmas so what a lovely way for pupils and teachers to ease their way back in after the break than with a fun-filled circus morning. If I was a Year 3 pupil dragging my feet into school on a cold winter morning I would have been thrilled to walk into a circus show to start the day. Lucky lucky children!

So we kick things off with a circus show to get the children instantly onside if they weren't already. It lasts 30 minutes and it can be for the whole school or in this case it was for 4 Year 3 classes so still a nice big crowd. The show involves lots of audience participation from pupils and teachers, the children are always so nice when they see any of their friends get up on stage and join in. The excitement you get from the simplest trick when your performing to children in a school environment is so great! I think because they are expecting to be sat watching a whiteboard so anything other than this is a bonus, especially if its good in its own right. The excitement for their peers performing is only surpassed by when you get a teacher up to help and they never disappoint with their reactions.

stunning start circus topic

Circus Wow day for primary schools

circus performer for primary school

So now that they are well and truly excited to learn about circus, we get to spend a couple of sessions with them taking them through various circus skills. Starting with the basics of balance and moving through plate spinning, diabolo, juggling, flower sticks, poi and hula hoops. They still fight to have a go on the 10 hula hoops even though they probably all play with them every lunch time.

One of the nicest things about performing in schools is the thank you letters that they write me. I feel like Father Christmas sifting through the nicest messages and some of them come out with absolute gold. I've decided to scan a few and put them up here. Look at some of their handwriting! For a 7 year old it just amazes me, if I ever need a personal assistant I think I will hire Sana. Her letter is amazing!

Thanks again for having me back for a second year Filton Avenue, I look forward to next years visit!

thank you letter for circus day!

Currently don't have an up to date primary school circus day video so i'll leave you with this short and sweet one from recent performance in Hong Kong, same stuff different country!

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