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Entertainer for both children's and adults party

What is the solution when you want to engage both 5 year olds and 65 year olds? You book a circus performer who can engage all ages. This was my challenge for a circus themed party in Essex in late January. Jess was holding a joint birthday party for her 2 children with all their school friends in the afternoon and a wider family party in the evening.

I brought along traditional hand painted vintage circus signs, bunting and a ringmat, as well as my overflowing suitcase of tricks. This was matched by Jess and her team of minions who hung lots of bunting around the hall and did a fantastic job transforming it into a big top environment.

In the afternoon kids party I did a half hour circus show as well as some mega ball climbing, circus workshop and bubbles. We cut the cake, ate some food and I even did some balloon modelling, luckily all the kids wanted dogs, guns, swords or flowers. The 4 things I can make. Result.

A short break and a cup of tea and its into the evening party. My first contribution to this was a bit of atmospheric fire juggling in the freeeeeezing cold outside to welcome the guests to the party and give them a bit of an early buzz. Moving into the family party we did another show, all pretty much the same routines, but with a slightly adjusted presentation to make it more entertaining for the wider audience.

The show went down really well, various pieces of great audience participation including Aviva-Aisha (birthday girl) riding on my shoulders on the Ninebot. Jess riding on the front of my circus bike and playing the role fantastically and various talented helpers throughout really. The volunteers can add so much fun to the show and on this occasion they definitely made a big impact.

After the show we played a few games and did a bit more plate spinning and hula hooping. I was treated to some lovely Indian food and I was on my way. A cracking way to spend a Saturday and a great all round booking which resulted in this lovely review.

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