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Circus skills workshops for schools in Brighton

Circus workshops for primary schools in Brighton and the rest of England. Very proud to showcase my new primary school circus show promo video.

Below is the slightly out of date article about a school I visited back in January.

Every Monday in January has been a school circus workshop which has been the opposite of my usual restful Januarys but I've had a really good time and met a lot of super awesome children who have brought me so much joy with their enthusiasm as an audience and their hilarious comments throughout the various days. 'If you were a pokemon card, you'd be the best card' was a personal highlight from a Year 6 yesterday.

Brighton is something of a circus city, but not a place i've spent a great deal of time in, with only a couple of gigs there over the years. So lets hope this is the first of many more. The staff and pupils of Coombe Road were very welcoming and enthusiastic about my morning assembly performance. Huge claps and cheers are a great way to wake everyone up and get the whole school engaged. Lots of children get involved throughout the show, whether its catching juggling balls in a hat, plate spinning with 5 plates, or riding and doing a wheelie on my circus bike with me controlling them to the delight of their peers. A promo video is coming soon.

Going into the workshop, there was definitely some talented 7 year olds showing off their skills from the very start with evidence of lots of gymnastics lessons being displayed by some of the energetic girls. Children got a chance to try Peacock feather balancing, plate spinning tricks, diabolo and flower sticks and some of them even had a go at unicycling.

In the afternoon it was the children's chance to be the stars with a performance for their parents, we put them in the spotlight and create a mini performance so that the parents can see what a fantastic day they've had. Thanks for having me Coombe Road Primary, I hope to see you again next year.

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