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University Ball Entertainment Ideas - Circus Performers

Maintaining a tradition of hugely entertaining and varied events is a challenge that every university event planner faces each year. How do you keep a group of over excited students from peaking too early before the first bands on the stage. There are hundreds of different university ball entertainment ideas but I'm here to pitch the exciting benefits of booking circus performers.

Whether its roaming entertainment to help break the ice in the early portion of the evening, or providing a focal point in between bands and DJ's. I believe every University ball can benefit from booking some quirky circus entertainment. Greenwich University recently booked me to perform at their summer ball where I was supposed to be doing outside entertainment on the lawn but due to weather we ended up doing a full show on the dance floor. I enjoyed the challenge of winning over the 'lads' group who were quick to heckle but really made for a great crowd atmosphere and they were great sports when it came to jumping over them on my unicycle.

Over the years both as a solo performer and marquee supplier I have been involved in a number of different university events. Most recently Bigtopmania provided colourful big tops to Bristol University Freshers Fair.

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