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Planning a Purim Party? Speak to M.A Events

Michelle Aminoff of M.A Events first booked me a couple of years ago for a surprise circus performance at Joel's Bar Mitzvah which resulted in Joel's mum sending me this email.

In fact you can read all about that event in this post which shows a few video clips and photos.

Having done a good job on that day, it has lead me to work for M.A Events on a few more occasions and at a fabulous mix of events. From Jungle themed Bat mitzvahs in trendy London night clubs, to Circus themed Purim Parties with farm animals on the stage before us! The poor ring mat : (

Last years Purim, Michelle kept me busy with 2 events on the Saturday and if memory serves me right I squeezed in something on the Friday and Sunday. Together we provided some circus decor to give some instant atmosphere and then a small Bigtopmania representation performed a thrilling circus show featuring myself, Kris and Big Foot the Clown. Here are some of the lovely pictures that they were kind enough to send.

I'm looking forward to many more Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, Purim, Weddings and any other events that might come my way.

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