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Another way to book children's party entertainers | New website for Lucas Jet

I feel about as happy and smug as this little guy.

I just launched a brand new website for children's entertainers. I love this site as it is, but it is getting a bit clustered with all the other services that I'm offering, especially now i've added some of the Bigtopmania products. I don't want to be advertising to mums trying to book children's party entertainers whilst trying to promote my wedding circus performers.

So I now present to you wasn't available, I guess some headhunter saw how my career was progressing and its a bit like buying before he made it big and then selling it back to him for thousands. So whilst I save up to buy will have to do. Its quite a nice domain name, and I really like the way the site is coming together.

Children's Party Planning made easier

I'm going to keep it solely as a children's entertainer website so that its nice and simple for busy mums to navigate and find a solution for their children's party entertainment needs, whether thats a simple Lucas Jet show, or a full on Bigtopmania Deluxe Party.

I'll be regularly updating both sites with blog posts and new pictures all the time.

Keep an eye out and tell your friends about the latest website to book the best children's entertainers in town.

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