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Circus Workshops for schools in London

It's been so brilliant to start the year with so many school shows, and if anything can motivate you to perform to your best ability on dreary cold winter mornings, its the smiling faces of hundreds of school children.

What a start to 2018! I was on my honeymoon in Tanzania over Christmas and New Year which was of course an unforgettable experience. Then 2 days after getting off the plane, I was in London delivering circus workshops to 3 different schools. January is supposed to be resting time for performers.

My school days start with lots of carrying and setting up, then I squeeze in a quick cup of tea and 10 minutes warming up and I'm ready for action. My show gets the children involved from the very start with audience participation throughout. This is an assembly they won't forget and a fantastic way to welcome pupils back after a holiday break.

The workshop sessions teach children of all ages the benefit of perseverance linking in very well to having a growth mindset. Try, try, try again sort of thing, which a lot of children need a bit of encouragement with.

I don't have any photos myself but I have managed to pinch some off St Saviors Primary School in London. I have to tip my hat to them as one of the most welcoming faculties i've had the pleasure of working with, they even made me breakfast! I got loads of great feedback from the staff and parents outside the school. Whilst they've included some of their own brilliant quotes from the talented pupils in their article. You can read the full article here.

“It was awesome how only one person could do so many tricks!” Panayiotis Year 4

“I think it was mind-blowing of how he could do all of those tricks without failing!’ Vivian Year 4

“How can he juggle so well?” Maximos Year 5

“He was very funny and entertaining! I learnt how to co-ordinate my hands to juggle!” Noel Year 5

Are you a teacher or parent governor. Please do encourage your school to get in touch with me and experience a really memorable and educational day for all involved.

There's lots more information on my schools page, including a video of my show.

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