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Circus skills for Scouts - Chipping Norton - 'Be Prepared' for lots of fun!

Its been an action packed week of performances after half term. I can't possibly pick a highlight as luckily every job this week was as lovely as the last. But I did thoroughly enjoy performing my circus show and teaching circus skills to the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts of Chipping Norton.

I was booked by group leader Amy to come in and teach circus skills partly as an exciting treat evening but also working towards the scouts circus skills badge. The level of engagement from the children was so refreshing. I had already done 3 days of circus skills in schools that week so on another occasion I may have been feeling fatigued but the children's energy and enthusiasm to learn did not give me any chance of feeling tired.

We started the evening with circus skills taster sessions which included peacock feather balancing, plate spinning, diabolo, juggling, flower sticks and unicycling. The cubs and scouts in particular were very talented circus artists already so it was fun to work on pushing them on with their skills.

We finished the evening with a circus show by Lucas Jet aka me. All 3 groups were fantastic crowds in different ways. The beavers were literally like eager beavers bouncing around with boundless energy. The cubs were super engaged and so enthusiastic with their clapping and cheering and general camaraderie when their friends were on stage. The scouts were old enough to have a bit of wit about them and give me some good banter and I was even upstaged at one point by a county level gymnast that did numerous backflips across the stage leaving me to wish I was more flexible. By the end of the first night the children were mobbing me for an autograph which was super cute and a nice ego boost.

Thanks for having me 6th Chipping Norton Scout group. I had so much fun!.

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