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Circus skills provider for primary schools in Cheltenham

Now that the madness of summer feels like it's almost over. I can get back to failing to keep up with blogging on my 2 websites. I've been pretty good about talking about all my circus party exploits over at Lucas Jet's party site .

September brings the start of the new academic year and 2 new primary schools that booked me to come in and provide circus skills workshops for their lovely schools. One was in Bristol (yay!). A mere 10 minute drive from my front door. How delightful! The other was 2 days in Cheltenham in a primary school there. Which was still a rather lovely level of commute.

I love performing to primary school children as they are just so excitable. This was the first time I've experimented with playing The Greatest Showman music while they are coming in and sitting down. There's nothing more heart warming than 150 children singing 'A million dreams'. I could have happily sat back and let them sing the whole soundtrack. But the show must go on.

As always with my primary school circus wow days. We start things off with a stunning start. My assembly circus show lasts for roughly 30 minutes and I'm proud to say the show includes a lot of variety from all different disciplines of circus. One major reason schools book me is to give children an experience that they have never had before. For a lot of the children in this school it was the first time they had seen any circus live. What an honour for me to be able to be that first experience for them, hopefully it will create a lasting memory that they can think back on in the future.

Other reasons schools book circus skills workshops

Over the last few years I have been given many different reasons for the school booking my workshop. Sometimes it is to launch the curriculum topic which is actually circus. Other times the school is trying to find new ways to demonstrate having a growth mindset. Perhaps its science week. Or perhaps they are just trying to give the children a treat before the end of term. I don't mind why schools want to book me, but as long as they keep doing so I will be very happy to continue with my circus workshops for schools.

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