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Amazing Circus Skills workshop for schools in Staffordshire and The Midlands.

This post is for teachers that might be looking to inspire their pupils with an extra special school day. For schools wanting to show the parents how exciting school can demonstrate the value of learning away from the classroom. I've been motivated to write this post after providing a circus skills workshop for St Leonards School in Staffordshire last week and finding the amazing videos they have put on their website which I will share later.

Check out Jony in action in the clip below!

I have mentioned numerous times how much I love performing my show and teaching circus skills workshops in schools but it really is becoming a mainstay in my calendar. I now spend countless early mornings travelling the width and breadth of the country to spread my love of circus as far as possible, and I'm so grateful for the repeat bookings from various schools, I feel like I've known one teacher for ages and it feels like seeing a friend when I arrive and have a catch up in the staff room.

Why you need to book circus skills for your next school enrichment week.

St Leonards's got in touch after one of my marketing emails, as far as I'm aware St Leonard's weren't studying circus as a topic in the curriculum but were doing this more as an enrichment opportunity for the whole school. It's a fantastic chance to level the playing field for all pupils of different academic and sporting ability. Circus skills workshops engage a whole group of children that have been disenchanted with mainstream sports.

It also offers a sort of behavioural therapy for children that struggle to focus in the class room environment teaching them the value of persistence. I often say at the end of my show 'you see practice doesn't make perfect, but it get's you pretty good' or something along those lines after I've dropped a few juggling clubs and shared in their delight when I drop a hat.

Growth Mindset is obviously a huge buzz word but it's something I've been learning my whole childhood and so I have a good understanding of how long it takes to learn something. Sometimes I wish I could spend a bit longer with a school so I am there long enough to see improvement across multiple circus skills sessions.

Whats special about my primary school circus workshop visit?

I believe there are lots of fantastic circus skills suppliers working up and down the country providing circus skills to schools and I am glad that we are all together working to increase the popularity and viability of circus skills as an option for extra-curricular activities in schools.

What sets me apart? Well if you will allow me a quick bit of self congratulation I think my circus show whether it's a one person version or as part of a larger team offers an exceptional depth of variety of skills throughout the show and throws in a lot of fast paced humorous moments to keep both children and teachers on the edge of their seats.

I think some suppliers offer more of a demonstration at the start of the day where as I see the show as the focal point and the opportunity to inspire the children. This is my chance to win their respect and get them hungry to learn. It's semi regularly referred to as 'the best assembly they've every had' or 'the best thing they've seen in the school'.


Ok, it's not quite brand new anymore, but it is new for this season so a lot of the schools that I'm visiting in January it will be the first time that I have it with me. It really looks the part and together with my ring mat makes even the most dark school hall feel like you are walking into the big top. I'm so pleased with the new look and makes for great pictures and videos.

What schools have booked my circus skills in Staffordshire and The midlands recently.

Apart from my circus skills day at St Leonards Primary School, I've also recently been booked by Carrdus School in Banbury, St Patricks in Worcester and St Mary's in Tetbury.

I really like what Carrdus School had to say on their website...

''To round off the Carrdus Circus theme, the whole school was treated to a fantastic performance by Lucas Jet, a remarkable circus performer from Bristol. This was followed by a day of circus skills workshops with each class having the opportunity to learn how to juggle, balance and spin plates, use a diablo and even try riding a unicycle!''

The tweet below from Edward Fields shows a couple of the different circus skills that pupils are able to learn as part of a circus day with Lucas Jet and team.

Exciting topics for Arts Week - The Big Top

I think I have already wrote about my amazing time at Watchfield Primary School back in May. They booked the full package from us to include a big top on the field and 2 days of circus skills workshops, culminating in 2 circus shows from myself and Jony. It was an incredibly memorable couple of days and felt like a real triumph for all involved.

So glad I booked you for our Arts Week! You’ve been great to coordinate plans with and extremely accommodating with everything I’ve asked! Your circus workshops were perfect for the ages of the children and you and Johnny were an absolute delight in your show finale! Not sure where you find your energy from! The time and patience you have with every child is heartwarming! The children adored your visit and the added extras of performing when the children walked into school in the morning will have made long lasting happy memories. Thank you Lucas and Johnny! You made our Arts Week extra special and just perfect!

Arts Week Circus Theme

More excuses to have circus in your school in 2020!

If you're not already convinced that you need to book a circus skills day with Lucas Jet right now then I'm not sure what else I can say to convince you. There are so many ways you can find an excuse to book an exciting circus treat for the school. Circus Skills workshops and shows by myself can be used in the following...

  • Fundraising PTA event

  • Healthy Eating Week

  • Sports Week

  • Arts Week

  • Drama

  • Science Week

  • STEAM Events

  • Open Days

  • End of Term treat

  • Ofsted Rewards

Thanks for reading my blog post all about circus skills in primary schools. Particularly this was focussed on schools in the midlands and even more specifically Staffordshire. But I also regularly visit primary schools in Bristol, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Berkshire, London, Hertfordshire, Essex, Kent.. Anywhere. I just love performing in Primary Schools!

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